About Monza

Monza Mens Boutique was established in 1986 with the sole purpose of providing it's clients with the highest levels of quality, service and style possible. The Sydney community recognised that there was a need for this sort of individual attention to detail and our reputation has indeed flourished over the decades. We are all about service, and when a customer walks through the doors, they know that they will leave the store with clothes and accessories that will set them apart from everyone else.

We study, research and sources our clothing and accessories through various designers, stylists and production houses to ensure we only provide the highest quality fashion items.

Regardless of your circumstances, be it professional or social, we will endeavour to create an outfit or a wardrobe for you that will leave you looking great and projecting the image you wish. You can be absolutely sure that we will do our best to help you, and we know you will enjoy the confidence that comes as a result of looking and feeling great.

Monza Mens Boutique prides itself on always having a unique range of quality merchandise that is only available to our customers through private viewing in the store. Additionally, we offer a complete tailoring and alteration service for our clients.

Along side our range of designer mens apparel, we also provide a corporate uniform service for companies. We will completely handle your companies needs and accordingly put together a uniform of the highest quality that will leave you and the rest of the staff looking stylish and professional.

Call us now on (02) 9957-5614 or email us at [email protected]

We carry a wide range of brands and labels including:

Suits, shirts, ties, jeans, tees, wallets, belts, socks, cufflinks.

Suits, shirts, ties.

Suits, shirts, ties, jeans, belts, socks, shoes.

Non iron shirts (100% cotton).

Non iron shirts (100% cotton).

Casual shirts.


Shoes, belts.

Suits, shirts, casual wear.

Fashion shirts.


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